Off-site Activities


Abseiling is about pushing your personal barriers and overcoming challenges. The tower is a four-sided artificial structure, which allows two descent options; 5 metre, 9 degrees angled introductory abseil and a 10 metre fully clad abseil. Natural Abseiling is a 4-metre introductory abseil with an easy sloped start and rock outcrop.


Go back to medieval times and have a go of the ancient sport of archery. You will be using a bow and arrow to aim at a target 15 metres away. Try increasing your accuracy and acute skill with this great competitive sport while having fun with your friends to see who can hit the bull’s eye.

Drop Pole

The Drop Pole is a 13-metre descent controlled by a Power Fan. That first step off into the air is an exhilarating feeling then the descent to the ground in 3 seconds is a combination that will give you a new experience to enjoy!

Giant Swing

The giant swing challenges you to go beyond your normal comfort zone and be hauled to the highest point as the participant feels is necessary. Once this point is reached the participant can pull “The Rip Cord” and enjoy the giant swing experience. The maximum height of the swing is 15 metres. The group is responsible for hauling each participant up to the height of their choice.


The Puzzles are one of the extension activities we use with groups that need a lot of initiative-based activities, and they provide similar objectives. Each puzzle is a progression from the previous.

Challenge Course

The objectives of our 5-Part Challenge and Initiative Courses are to build co-operation, teamwork and communication skills.

More activities include:

Duel Flying Fox, High Ropes, Initiative Course, Laser Tag, Mobile Initiatives, Natural Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Vertical Challenge

F1040011DSC_0025Rock climbing